We believe that every child is

talented and has the right to be

championed to change the world

around them.


1. To establish quality education for 

grade 1-12 that blends academic 

and technical education

2. Provide job skills and career 

preparation training

3. To link students with their career 

4. To provide internship

5. To be a safe place for character

and soft skill development


In our education philosophy, ACT believes in transformative education. Therefore, in our learning the  methodologies that we use the 3Hs concept, which are transforming:  

  • Head that represents Knowledge

  • Heart that represents Character Development and Love of Nation

  • Hand that represents the Skill or Competencies 

All learning must involve and address the development of students' knowledge, competencies and character development. 

Our approach addresses:

1. Unique Talents and Technical Training

ACT believes that each individual possesses unique talents and potentials that are yet to be developed. We believe that hands-on training or practical training that resembles the reality of the workplace is a productive way to develop skills and put the students’ talents into practice.


2. The transition from School to Work

ACT believes that general education alone is not enough, we believe that competency or the ability to be able to put knowledge into practice, along with possessing a strong character, is the foundation to a student’s success for life.

Our goal is to prepare students’ to succeed in life after school.


3. Learn by doing

ACT emphasizes the importance of putting all the knowledge that has been taught in the classroom into practice. Therefore, ACT will send our students for internship/apprenticeship positions, job shadowing, and job coaching our students to obtain the necessary competencies. ACT also acknowledges that trial and error is a way of learning, we want our students to discover for themselves and provide platforms for students to create.


4. Project Based Learning

‘Project-based learning’ refers to students designing, planning, and carrying out an extended project that produces a publicly-exhibited output such as a product, publication, or presentation.

ACT acknowledges the effectiveness of project-based learning where students are able to explore teamwork, leadership and being a visionary.


5. Character growth

ACT acknowledges that character development is as important and needed as learning in the classroom and scoring well at standardized testing. We affirm character growth as students’ achievement and success.


School Foundational Values

- Knowledge such as Language Literacy, Numeracy, Computer Literacy, Financial Literacy, and Cultural Literacy

- Competencies such as critical thinking, teamwork, communication and problem-solving capabilities

- Character such as servant leadership, integrity, being visionary, excellence, honesty, hard work, respect, responsibility, kindness, and Teachability/Lifelong Learning.

- Caring for the Environment, we want to foster love and care towards nature, recycling and keeping our environment clean and safe.