More than just a school...

ACT provides a unique high school experience because our program combines academic and technical subjects for high school students to obtain their diploma. There is very few general and technical high school in Cambodia and we are one of them. ACT is also the first high school to launch courses for Tourism and Graphic Design for grade 10-12. 


Our focus is to be a pre-University preparation program and also enable students to start their career right after high school. We teach specific career-related courses that will enable students to be successful in the 21st-century workplace. 

Our school program allows students to:

- Obtain diploma and qualifications for University and work

- Involve in various project-based learning

- Experience a holistic education of academic and technical education with soft skills and character development by using technology in a bilingual classroom (English & Khmer)

- Allow the students to choose and grow into the field that they like

- Experience Job Shadowing program and internship in high school level